Life @ SPS

Doubt clearance sessions by trained teachers

The school provides the facility of three hour doubt clearance sessions to the students. During this period the doubts of the students in different subjects are cleared by experienced subject teachers.


In order to judge the level of academic achievements of the students, besides conducting class test at the end of each chapter, four unit tests and two terminal examinations are conducted. For the senior sections, the question papers are procured from experts not related to the school. By this the school ensures the standard and secrecy of the question papers.

  Debates, seminars, group discussions etc.

The school regularly organizes seminars, group discussions, debates, quiz competitions, speeches etc. The students’ participation in them is encouraged. In order to develop the quality of public speaking the students are given opportunities in rotation to speak in the school assemble and during celebrations of events of national and global importance.

  Special classes for dance, music, drawing and painting

Drawing and painting, dance and music classes are regularly held in the school to hunt the hidden talents of the students. Special classes for drawing and painting, dance and music are held during Saturdays and Sundays. Besides the competitions, that are regularly held in the school, talented students are also sent to participate in various competitions conducted by other organizations.