At/Po Kumelsingha, Via Godbhaga, Bargarh

 E-Block Education Facility

For better learning by the children at the primary and pre-primary level, the school provides the facility of E-Block education where learners directly interact with the computer for concrete learning. A separate E-Block laboratory has been set up for this purpose. This has enhanced the children’s interest for learning and has become highly instrumental in better achievement by them.

i-School Education Facility

Siddhartha is the first school in Western Odisha to introduce education via satellite. It has started the i-school project in collaboration with EVERONN EDUCATION LIMITED and M/s Helix Technology Solutions Private Limited where children directly interact with specialized teachers sitting in Chennai through video conferencing. Many a times it is found to be difficult to clear concepts present in the text books in the four walls of the class rooms. The school has overcome such problems by installing the video conferencing system in the school.

 Compulsory Computer Education

Today’s era is the era of computers. Today, one who does not have knowledge of how to operate a computer is practically regarded as an illiterate. Keeping this in view, the school has made Computer Science a compulsory subject of learning for all students from Class I onwards. A well equipped Computer Laboratory having adequate number of computers has been set up in the school to serve the purpose.

Well-equipped Science Laboratory

There is a well equipped Science laboratory to conduct practical classes in physics, chemistry and biology. Special emphasis is given on the practical activities in the science subjects. The laboratory is extensively used by the students.

Compulsory Training in Yoga

Yoga is an integral part of Indian culture. The school realizes that a proper knowledge of various Asanas and Pranayama would help students a lot in keeping themselves physically and mentally fit. The school has kept yoga as a special subject and learning yoga has been made compulsory for all and specially trained teachers have been appointed for this purpose.

Games and Sports

Games and sports are integral parts of school curriculum. These are the activities through which the inherent qualities of children in the field of games and sports come into lime light. Through its efforts for searching these talents, the school in the short period of its journey has been able to send its students to take part at the state as well as national level games. The school offers indoor games like badminton, volley ball, chess, carom and outdoor games like cricket, foot ball, kabaddi, kho-kho etc. In the outdoor games the students of the school have already represented the state to the national level games.

Resourceful Library

The school has a resourceful library with adequate number of books on various subjects which provides useful reading materials for students and teachers. The school provides news papers and other periodicals for students and teachers for keeping them in touch with the day developments of the outside world.

Doubt clearance sessions by trained teachers

The school provides the facility of three hour doubt clearance sessions to the students. During this period the doubts of the students in different subjects are cleared by experienced subject teachers.


In order to judge the level of academic achievements of the students, besides conducting class test at the end of each chapter, four unit tests and two terminal examinations are conducted. For the senior sections, the question papers are procured from experts not related to the school. By this the school ensures the standard and secrecy of the question papers.

  Debates, seminars, group discussions etc.

The school regularly organizes seminars, group discussions, debates, quiz competitions, speeches etc. The students’ participation in them is encouraged. In order to develop the quality of public speaking the students are given opportunities in rotation to speak in the school assemble and during celebrations of events of national and global importance.

Special classes for dance, music, drawing and painting

Drawing and painting, dance and music classes are regularly held in the school to hunt the hidden talents of the students. Special classes for drawing and painting, dance and music are held during Saturdays and Sundays. Besides the competitions, that are regularly held in the school, talented students are also sent to participate in various competitions conducted by other organizations.

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